linux pix-IR-remote project

the linux IR-project is a tool to let a user remote-control his/her linux-PC or linux-notebook with a normal TV-remote-control.

I tested and developed the software on a toshiba notebook running slackware 7.0 with linux 2.2.13. As a TV-remote, I used my PHILIPS TV-remote successfully. It works 90%, two keys on my remote are giving the same byte-code as two others on it. But if you need to control a small application, for example an mp3-player, with it, this tool should help you tremendously.

The linux IR-remote project is derived from the linux netwinder IR package,
developed by Ryan Shillington.

I modified it to run under x86-Linux and to use the serial port directly. This way, you do not have to use the kernel-modules that are supplied with Linux and are not suited for TV-remotes.

The current version of the project is still alpha, so do not expect everything to work yet!

If you encounter problems and/or have comments or suggestions, email me,

You can download the latest version of the linux pix-IR-project here.

also, i developed a little quick-and-dirty mp3-jukebox using the linux pix-IR project. It needs Expect/TCL, too.
Download it here!