public downloads

pix https pierce pierce a regular tcp connection through a proxy w/ optional authentication
rdesktop (solaris) modified rdesktop-1.1.0 source with hardcoded support for german keycodes for sun and german enconding on win2k
pix transparent socket parser 0.1 ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp alike hardcoded tool
piX-kill 1.2 collection of several DoS-attacks against 95/98/NT. features a neat script frontend. the attacks are supplied in binary form and were compiled under slackware 4.0. Services.exe DoS against NT, python script. it may have to be run multiple times before it works, so good luck!
amp116.tgz the one and only amp for *nix. still the best! version 1.16 the underlying engine for piX-DNSzone 2.20. final version! a script to get the WHOIS-info on any IPV4-IP. dont rip it off, give credit where its due! script to delete 0-length files recursively. useful if you use linux napster client and a download is broken! script to convert a mailbox from eudora-format (in UNIX-textformat) to regular unixmailbox-style. script to annoy people using M$ email-clients, it will pop them up a lot of windows upon recieving a script-generated email and the best thing: you choose what kind of windows (html-pages) it is gonna pop up!. script to change balance on a sinus wave with different speeds based on random numbers
pix sendsms 2.0 script to automatically send sms through the web. including OCR-security automatic.